Scavengers Of A Dying Sun


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SHIT make their debut with 'Scavengers Of A Dying Sun' a raging slab of filthy blackened / death metal in the tradition of Mexican / Death metal 90's scene. Hailing from Tijuana there line up includes previous members of Ninth Level, Man Destroys Himself, Infinitum Obscure, Mexico's SHIT are true heirs to a long line of Mexico's extreme metal scene, Scavengers Of A Dying Sun invoke the classic of the genre with a new fresh spin on the sound to make it their own.


released July 31, 2015

Recorded and Mixed By Melchor Felix in Tijuana Mexico.
Mastered By Michael Zech in Munich Germany



all rights reserved


SHIT Tecate, Mexico

SHIT has developed a unique and chaotic sound, be prepared for their first and full length album "Scavengers of a dying Sun" Via Chaos Records, Recorded and Mixed By Melchor Felix @ Guru Studios in Tijuana MX. Mastered in Munich Germany @ SOS Studios By: Michael Zech.Artwork handled by Count Sebastian Blood Castle, and Daniel Corchado.
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Track Name: On The Wings Of Extermination
Hatred and intolerance have condemned Mankind, destruction and pollution a daily sight, selfish arrogance is our Armageddon.
No last chance keep breeding our kind.
On the wings of Extermination we are the Shit who fucked this world,
On the wings of Extermination we are the virus and there is no cure.
Track Name: World Suicide
A disturbing gargantuan noise
shakes the face of the earth.
It is the beginning of the end of time.
We are descending into an age of darkness
screams desolated cries,
screams desolated cries are the sound of the world.
Sight of destruction and devastated man,
Unleashed agony and eternal rot.
World Suicide silent cities, pitch black skies, no more sun
The torture has just begun.
Payback agony the earth recalls, exhausted and nothing to be,
The last burst of energy, a dying planet.

Exterminate all human Scum

World Suicide
engulfed by volcanoes swallowed by earthquakes, a blackening sky,
No more light , evaporated river poisoned soil.
Man starts to crumble in terror at his doom.
The earth is destroyed all is gone.
Only ash and dust wandering through the universe...
Track Name: Land Of The Levant
Land of the mourning sun, let me drink for the spring of salvation.
cast the fire sweeping winds of stench,
whipping at the air in caustic molten tongues, dripping blood.
the nexus of our end, extinction
A narrowing black horizon draws nearer bringing with it death.
Crushing all around our fates are sealed.
We are doom to death
Let me feast on your sacred liver,
now burn and cry out the name of which I yearn.
Ugly barren our fates are sealed .
We are doomed to succumb to these mortal wounds.
Enlightened by the bitter waters of damnation.
Only death will liberate us all from this earthly void.
stumble upon this place of skulls...
This valley of darkness impaled upon this double edge sword .
Teach your forsaken black-market children to ascend to the burning sun.
Sempiternal Immolation, The Burning sun.
Brighter than a thousand dying suns sand and soil melted in to glass.
Life is reduce merely dust and scattered into searing winds.
Desolation fallout and cancerous death.
Inherited by the meek.
the fifth column collapses on the puppeteers crushing there disembodied hands.
The Black Cabal, those who worship death,Dwelling in shadowy subterfuge Reap to sow.
an infinite bloody conflict, never ending downward spiral.
Ultimately, Final calamity
This world will end within our lifetimes.
Sentenced to death in a loathsome world of murder and rape, ruined it will end...
Track Name: Bearer of the Stigma
I, The Bearer of the Stigma Reveal.
the tongues of cultures cast out, left to dehydrate in eternal seas of sand.
Drink deeply with parched eyes, bear witness to this Sacrament.
Inner self of incestuous miasma, reach out to ones level of awareness
Cutting to the essence of utter worthlessness
Turmoils conquest over the pillars of hollow belief...
Drink deeply with parched eyes, bear witness to this Sacrifice.
Abolition of your gods, corrupt ethos hollow mores dogmatic platitudes.
Belief crumbles in the face of doubt, despair.
I, the bearer call upon retribution to restore grace.
The cornerstone of a vile civilization collapsing upon itself.
Absolution and atonement shall not be found.
Harbinger of the schism agent of perdition.
Let this Scanting visions before you gestate.
as your world is riven, its fabric unraveled, torn.
This world is truly hell , we deserve this punishment, Perpetual...
Castigating devotees, pretenders to the empty throne who deny this fate.
An aberrant world.
cleansed with fire, with sickness, with death
Meek starving choking on fruits of this stigma.
Under a scorching sun, drawn upon their backs like vultures...
Track Name: Sulphur The Right
Legions Claim to be the chosen.
No longer possessing the vision
No Longer chanting from yonder holy mountain.
Crawling like ants our ailing elders congregate for euthanasia, waiting in line to die...
Deep inside of them, darkness dwell.
Unprotected for what the not know.
weeping for the life loss
Miasmal stench of dawn, announce the call.
Sulphur the Right.
Blue flames cognate ecstatic salvation.
raise the Phenobarbital goblet, Chalice
A dead gradation chaotic apocalypse
The time has come for abduction.
vacate life's throne.
renunciation of worldly malaise
for misery and decay begins here.
Bitter waters of life all polluted
Cyanotic Livid and obscures all occluded
brimstone and ash swept skywards, as if to petition an absent god.
An architect of failure.
Track Name: The Apostasy
Poisonous it eats its way into heart and bone, a wasting disease
gorging on the ire, the despair of malcontent, burgeoning blight
Infected even the smallest paths of hopelessness metastasizing
A shroud of hatred and fear blind us all.
Trapped in the darkness to die alone.
The Apostasy,drowning in misery gasping blood
Death worship overwhelms we are our own crucifiers...
scrambling through darkness,
sense of purpose abandoned, we pray for the end to come, cowering to die.
the human condition is dead.
perched upon our own crosses,nails are driven in deep
Beholden to this Apocalypse, the flesh is weak.
Resigned to the end times we offer ourselves.
Faithless and empty to a growing cancer, arms outstretched to finality
Never to be absolve of sin.
guilt takes its toll, left to die in vain...
a feast for the scavenger that dwells within.
Our filth will be forgotten, a fading Memory...
Track Name: Revenant Worship
Manipulation of frail hearts and minds.
weak-willed obscene,bereft of any guidance
forced into servitude, sycophantic relegation.
Self imposed subjugation
feeble and infirm without constitution.
All just pallid walking corpses
Humanity forsaken at whats cost
All sense of free will has been lost
trapped within stations of the cross
content to die for some higher cause
A foundation of lies convoluted and labyrinthine ...
absolved of guilt and blame afraid of reality
At the cusp humanity's end you are as damned as I.
No rapture no Judgement No Penance for your torment
No Mercy will be shown
You will die forgotten.
Track Name: Advance Directive
Choking, writhing, noose around the neck.

Oceans, skies, grey and contaminated.

Dwindling resources, too many mouths to feed.

Last throes, suffocating.

We are dead.


We fight over land, we rape the earth.

A terminal cancer, consuming blight.


Possession, it evades us.

Subterfuge has estranged us.

Advance directive – do not resuscitate.

As ignobility reigns, we fight over scraps.

The carcass of the old world – trapped.

We are reprehensible filth.

Long since inhuman.

From birth, left dying

Content to rot.

Under fear's weight, broken.

Destroyer has awoken.

Nooses tighten, necks breaking.

An ethos of rapaciousness, to use once and destroy.

A purgatorial wasteland, hell is here.

We are dead.